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Dec 2, 2014
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MaCS club event

The MACS club held an event where students were invited to come relax before finals. There was donuts, brownies, and cupcakes they could decorate along with hot apple cider and hot chocolate to drink. There was also a station where students could learn and make some origami. This event was a way for the club to reach out to the student body and let them know more about the MaCS Club and what events are planned for the future.

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Dec 18, 2013
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Vending Machine Project

Students Ari Bornstein, Phil Seidel, and Aron Riesenfeld have worked this semester to complete a networked vending machine project that will allow users to order drinks online and retrieve them securely from a vending machine by authenticating themselves with their Goucher one cards. The project is set to deploy next semester.

Apr 16, 2013
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Happy Birthday Euler

The History of Mathematics class celebrated Leonhard Euler’s 306th birthday.001

Sep 19, 2011
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Student Team advances in Cyber Challenge

For six hours on Sunday, Sept. 11, five computer science majors (Ari Bornstein, captain; Avery Erwin-McGuire, alternate captain; Owen Lehmer; Tony Huckestein; and Jeremy Schatten) competed against other Maryland college teams in the first round of the inaugural Maryland Cyber Challenge Competition, hosted by UMBC.  The team’s task was to eliminate as many weaknesses as possible from two completely different computer systems — one running Windows 2000 and providing file service, and the other running Ubuntu Linux and providing the WordPress blogging service.  These weaknesses were not disclosed to the team, which had to use its sleuthing skills to locate the weaknesses and eliminate them.

The team performed extremely well, comfortably making it into the second round of the competition, which will be held on Oct. 1.  Eight college teams will emerge from the second round to compete against each other in the finals, which will be held on Oct. 22 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

May 9, 2011
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Edible Turing Machines

The Theory of Computation class spent part of reading day making an edible Turing Machine out of cupcakes and decorating icing.  Yumm..

Mar 24, 2010
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Pi Day Celebration: Pizza, Pi, and Pictures

Thursday, March 25, the MaCS Club will be hosting a belated Pi Day Celebration: Pizza, Pi, and Pictures. There will be pizza and soda!

The Use of Partial Differential Equations in Image Processing

Professor Patrick Guidotti, UCI
3/25 3:30pm HS 137

Abstract: In this talk I shall try to give insight into the use of partial differential equations as tools for image processing tasks such as de-noising and de-blurring. To simplify the presentation only the one-dimensional situation will be considered. A series of numerical experiments will be shown highlighting the main issues and motivating the developments in this dynamic area at the interface between mathematics and computer science.

Nov 9, 2009
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Mid-Atlantic Regional ACM Programming Contest

Three Goucher computer science majors, senior Jon Simon, and juniors Russ Smith and A. J. Wax, participated in the Mid-Atlantic Regional of the ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Contest on Saturday, Nov. 8.  They enjoyed the spirit of the competition and had a great time.

Apr 10, 2007
John Perrelli
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Department Lunch

Food!! The next department lunch is April 17 in the lounge 12-2 pm.

Apr 10, 2007
John Perrelli
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Torrey Dinner

We celebrate our students’ achievements at the 43rd annual Torrey dinner on April 19, 2007.

Our guest speaker will be Genevieve Monsees ’02, a graduate student at Harvard University