Sep 9, 2014
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Over the weekend of September 5-7 a three member team including Goucher Student Philip Seidel tied for third place among twenty seven teams at HopHacks. HopHacks is a student run 36-hour Hackathon at the Johns Hopkins University that occurs once every semester. Philip met his teammates  Elizabeth Starkey (Penn State), and Katherine Young (Towson) during his 2013 and 2014 Summer Internships at Textron Systems Unmanned Systems. Although they were friends before the event, this was their first time working on a project together.

Their project, called Smooosh, is a Chrome Extension which makes reading scholarly articles easier. Smooosh replaces long citations like ‘(2008; see also Rayner, White, Johnson, & Liversedge, 2006)’ with ‘(…)’ and displays the original citation on mouse over. Smooosh increases comprehension by extracting and formatting the essential parts of the article using the Readability library.

For more information:

HopHacks Website

Smoosh’s Submission Website ( with screen shots! )


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