Oct 28, 2013
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Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition

Nine of our students competed this year in the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition.

Dr. Joseph Cutrone was the organizer for the  Goucher College students who gave up their Saturday to take this difficult math exam.  The participants of the Goucher competitive math team were:

Emily Timothy
Zumrad Kabilova
Leigh Oehrig
Angeles Godinez-Valencia
Drew Afromsky
Talya Stern
Jasmine Beverly
Ben Saeks
Ethan Allred

This year, 117 college and universities throughout the east coast and great lakes region of the US took the exam.  The exam started in 1979 and is now in its 35th year.  Contestants at each participating school take the two and one-half hour exam on their own campus under the supervision of one of their own faculty members. Individuals compete for $750 in regional prizes for which any contestant is eligible.

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