Application Process

Note:  This web page is designed for students who are already taking classes at Goucher College.  If you are an incoming student looking for information about the Language House, kindly refer to the written correspondence which you received from the Admissions Office.

Completing A Special Interest Housing Application

If you are interested in the Language House, you will need to complete an application that is separate from the Room Draw Form. These housing applications are available prior to the general Room Draw Housing Form and are due in March.

While you do not have to have paid your enrollment and housing deposits at the time of application for these special interest houses, in order to be accepted and participate in the room selection for these programs, you will need to have paid your deposits by the April 1st deadline.

Acceptance to a Special Interest House or On Campus Apartment will always be dependent on paying your enrollment and housing deposits on time. If your application for any of the above listed options is accepted BUT you do not pay your deposits on time, you will be removed from the process and your acceptance will be revoked.

Login with your Goucher username and password at (Click the “Resident” button on this page to log in.)

simplicity residence LH applicationsimplicity residence LH application (2)

The Language House applications should be available to you in the Symplicity Residence software.  In the event that you are not interested in any special housing options, you can just ignore these applications.

You can apply to the Language House by clicking on the “Get Started” button next to the Language House application you want to complete. application process

Each application has similar sections: 1) Personal Information 2) Application Questions 3) Meal Plan Selection 4) Housing Contract and 5) Review

Please note: Information you submit in your Roommate Matching Profile, including your name,  will be visible to other students who are looking for roommate matches. Other information you submit in your application WILL NOT be visible. 

Section 1:  Personal Information You should not need to provide much information in this section, though you will be asked for your cell phone number and to indicate your gender. This portion of the application also includes a  roommate matching questionnaire. You must complete this matching profile, even if you already know who you plan to live with.  Sometimes, students leave residence halls during the school year, whether to study abroad, to graduate early, or for other reasons.  These completed profiles will allow us to match you with a compatible roommate, should your original roommate leave.

Section 2: Application Questions This portion of the application contains questions specific to the Language House. Here, you may be asked if you have previously resided in the Language House. This will determine the questions you are asked to answer. 

Section 3:  Meal Plan This section prompts you to select a meal plan for the upcoming year. You can change your meal plan over the summer if you desire.

Section 4:  Housing Contract Before submitting your Special Interest Housing Application, you should review the Goucher College Residence Hall Contract.  The Residence Hall Contract describes important policies and conditions for living in our residence halls.

Section 5:  Review You will have an opportunity to review your application prior to submitting it.

Saving Application as Draft: The Symplicity Residence software allows you to save your application as a draft, which is convenient.  But applications which are saved as drafts are not officially submitted.  Therefore, you must remember to submit your application officially by the deadline.  (Click the “Submit Application” button.)  Otherwise, you and your roommate and/or suitemates will not be able to choose your living space during the Housing Selection process.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Language House directors. If you are accepted in the program, you will be notified and provided instructions as to how to form roommate groups and participate in the Language House Room Draw.

If you are not selected, you will also be notified and you will need to complete the “Room Draw Form” in order to participate in the general housing selection process.