Word for Word

Initiated in 2002 by a Goucher creative writing student named Hannah Leatherbury through the support of an Innovation Grant from the President’s Office of Goucher College, Word for Word (W4W) is the Kratz Center for Creative Writing’s Student Group. The group is sometimes called “The Writers Forum.”

Word for Word engages in the following activities :

1) The group frequently hosts biweekly or weekly “write-nights” and “think-nights,” which are student-run discussions of creative writing, editing,  or professional issues.

2) The group curates small events or master classes related to craft, editing, publishing, and professional issues.

3) The group visits conferences and festivals related to creative writing.

4) The group organizes student readings at local retirement homes, middle schools, and high schools.

5) The group volunteers with local nonprofits like Wide Angle Youth Media to spread the “good news” about the vocation of creative writing to youth.

6) Festive Friday evening open mics that bring Goucher writers into contact with the Baltimore writing community.