Goucher College uses the Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) system to protect faculty and staff accounts from spam.

Frequently throughout the week you receive an email from the Help Desk summarizing the  spam your email account has received. This email summary offers you the options to  “unjunk” the emails which Goucher’s spam filter has collected. This is a simple way to manage your spam as the filter has already done the work for you!

If you would like to manually manage your spam filter you can go to http://spam.goucher.edu. Your login and password for the Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) system are not the same as your Goucher login. When you visit spam.goucher.edu to manage your spam for the first time, you must set up a password. First select the “Need your password?” link and type your Goucher email as the user-name, then click “Send”. You will receive an email with a link and directions to change your password. Once you have set this up you will be able to manage and monitor your spam mail whenever you like using this login information.

*After setting up your password make sure to save it in a safe place as it is different from your Goucher login.*