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  • Wi-Fi Here, Wi-Fi There, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Everywhere!

    Chris Nobriga ’15 was used to doing important schoolwork early in the day. The political science major wasn’t particularly a morning person; he was just avoiding the frequent afternoon slowdown of the campus’s Internet. But now he and other students can afford to sleep in every once in a while, thanks to campus Wi-Fi upgrades […]

  • Visiting Author: James Magruder

    Read, read, read. This is the first (and second and third) rule of being a good writer, according to fiction writer James Magruder. Magruder will be visiting Goucher’s campus on Monday, November 3, for a reading and talk at 7 p.m. in the Soper Room of the Julia Rogers Building. “Turn off the television and […]

  • Associative Academics

    What might a history professor have to say about zombies? How would an art faculty member weigh in on the U.S. prison system? Can environmental studies be used to frame a discussion about the Bible? Come to “Interdisciplinary Thinking in Three Acts” to find out.

  • There’s a Club for That

    Want to perform Bollywood dance, start a radio show, learn about a different culture, or save the whales? There’s a Goucher club for that … probably. And if not, no worries: It’s not rocket science to start a club about whatever you want, like hydroponic gardening, ’80s comics, or even rocket science. New club charters […]

  • Connecting Out, Looking In

    “I’ll never use a plastic bag again,” declared first-year student Rachel Brannock, her nose wrinkled in distaste at the trash in her gloved hand. Meanwhile, Rachel’s peers slogged through the Gwynns Falls Stream behind her, the dull roar of I-95 in the background on a Friday afternoon. The Baltimore native was one of 440 first-year […]

  • Goucher College First in Nation to Launch Video Application Alternative

    With the Goucher Video App, students can forgo transcripts and test scores and instead send a two-minute video about how they see themselves at the college.

  • Goucher Celebrates 123rd Undergraduate Commencement

    Susan Eisenhower—an expert on foreign policy and international affairs and the granddaughter of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower—will deliver the keynote address on 5/23.

  • What Are You Doing This Summer?

    Tori Russell ’16, Goucher’s Office of Communications intern, set out to find students with interesting and fun plans for this summer. Learn more about their upcoming adventures in these video interviews.

  • Not Just Any Old Hack

    Hacking isn’t exactly a word with a positive connotation, but at Goucher College, it does positive things. In the event “Coding for Community: A Civic Hackathon,” Friday, April 11, to Sunday, April 13, participants were encouraged to build apps, or other platforms, that created opportunities for neighborhoods to survive and thrive. Four ideas came out of it, from matching vacant lots and buildings with those who can use them, to aiding firefighters with floor plans and giving the National Park Service an idea of who is visiting. “The event is kind of a flash in the pan, but it’s really opportunity to get lift-off that would otherwise not get going.” Michael E. Scott-Nelson, Goucher’s Master of Arts in Digital Arts program director and hackathon participant. For more information, click here.

  • Princeton Review Names Goucher as a Top Green College for 2014

    Goucher once again was included in this important college guidebook for “establishing itself as a capital of sustainability.”