Featured Stories

  • “What Is Race?” Seminar

    A group of staff and faculty members filtered into Merrick Lecture Hall on a recent Monday afternoon. Looking around the room, someone spoke up: “We don’t have to sit segregated this time?” Welcome to “What Is Race?” where even the seating plan is part of the lessons.

  • Baltimore From a Different Angle

    On Friday, August 28, nearly 500 first-year students, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff tackled five South Baltimore sites for a day of service, partnering with local nonprofit Blue Water Baltimore.

  • Q&A With Luz N. Burgos-López

    She loves horror flicks, has a dog named Bouncy, and thought she'd be a forensic scientist before realizing social justice and equity were what really got her excited. Meet Luz N. Burgos-López, our new(ish) assistant dean of students in the Center for Race, Equity, and Identity.

  • Equalizing Higher Education Discussed at Goucher

    Experts from across the nation came to campus Sept. 25-26 to discuss educational inequality and explore how colleges can improve access for a broader population of prospective students.

  • Admitted Students Day & the Class of 2019

    Sam Goldberg ’17 visited multiple Admitted Students Days in his college search, but Goucher stood out in an interesting way. “The other schools I went to, it was usually some guys in business suits directing traffic,” he said. “I got here and the ambassadors at the time were singing SpongeBob songs from the top of the stairs… it was very memorable.”

  • Goucher College Digitizes Unreleased Speech By Fannie Lou Hamer

    Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer gave a controversial, but very powerful, lecture at Goucher in 1970. Her talk is now digitized and available to the public for the first time through the Goucher College Library. Click here for more information, and here to hear her still-relevant words.

  • The Convenience of Summer Courses

    For science majors, it can feel tough to fulfill liberal education requirements in a timely fashion. “We have enough classes as it is,” said chemistry major Eric Adams ’17. That’s why he says it was an easy decision to take a course at Goucher last summer.

  • For Some Students, All Paths Lead to Goucher

    Some students graduate and take paths away from Goucher, while others choose to stick around a little longer. Two recent alums who decided they still had more to give Goucher recently shared stories of their past and present experiences here on campus.

  • Goucher Mentor Network

    Sushma Chapagain, a first-year student leaning toward a sociology major, knows she wants to work for a non-governmental agency either here or abroad in the future. But she’s not totally set on the details. “My career plans evolve quite a lot,” she says. That’s why she is so interested in the Goucher Mentor Network, a pilot program from the Career Development Office (CDO) that matches alums with current students in mentoring relationships.

  • Check Out Our New Profiles

    One was recently ranked among the top 10 finance experts to follow on Twitter. Another’s stint with the Goucher Jujitsu Club led to her career as an “ultimate fighter.” Yet another is a Costa Rican native whose childhood experiences with asthma have pushed him to be passionate for accessible, affordable health care. Read some of their stories!