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  • Not Just Any Old Hack

    Hacking isn’t exactly a word with a positive connotation, but at Goucher College, it does positive things. In the event “Coding for Community: A Civic Hackathon,” Friday, April 11, to Sunday, April 13, participants were encouraged to build apps, or other platforms, that created opportunities for neighborhoods to survive and thrive. Four ideas came out of it, from matching vacant lots and buildings with those who can use them, to aiding firefighters with floor plans and giving the National Park Service an idea of who is visiting. “The event is kind of a flash in the pan, but it’s really opportunity to get lift-off that would otherwise not get going.” Michael E. Scott-Nelson, Goucher’s Master of Arts in Digital Arts program director and hackathon participant. For more information, click here.

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In the Media


  • Jackson Gilman-Forlini

    Jackson Gilman-Forlini ’12, historic properties coordinator for Baltimore’s Department of General Services, speaks with The Baltimore Sun about the city’s plans for some historic properties.

  • Uta Larkey

    Uta Larkey, associate professor of German, was selected as a contributing participant to the Sixth Annual Summer Workshop for Holocaust Scholars in July 2014 in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. Her talk is titled “Fear and Terror: The Deportations of Polish Jews in October 1938.” During her sabbatical this semester Larkey has been invited to present several talks: “Trauma, Testimony and History: Life in Jewish DP Camps 1945-50” at the University of Florida; “Traces of Memory: Representation of the Holocaust in German Postwar Feature Films” at the University of Arizona; and “Triumph over Hitler: Jewish Life in Germany Today” for the Brandeis National Committee, Baltimore chapter. She has also been invited to give the introductory talk for Claude Lanzman’s film Sobibor, 14 October 1943, 4pm at the Jewish Film Festival in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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