Oct 28, 2013

Working on Leo’s Capstone


I get to spend a lot of time with our graduate students working on their culminating Capstone projects. That is one of my personal favorite things about our Digital Arts graduate program: investing deeply in a wide variety of artistic and entrepreneurial visions and helping those visions become realized via the Capstone. Right now I’m working with Leo Hylan ’14, a remarkable artist who brings vibrant color to his music, video, and still multimedia art. Since he happens to be local, we meet one-on-one and in person at Goucher College for a few hours every other week to exchange ideas, troubleshoot rough patches, and to keep things moving forward. I love that we have so much to learn from each other.

Leo has already finished huge portions of his Capstone. Only a month into his work, he has developed a series of visuals pieces, complex musical performances, and installations for exhibition all tied to his grand vision. He has arranged for several professional venues to share his work publicly and is working on plans to bring many of his classmates together for collaborative work. All of this in a month, and Leo still manages to find time to be an art teacher, create the latest live video projections for trance band Telesma, keep up his DJ/VJ set, and generate artwork on the side. Leo Hylan just keeps growing, and it is a delight to be a part of that process.

Join the collaborative process; build incredible works of art with talented peers and professors with a high degree of individual attention and remarkable flexibility. Apply to join the Master of Arts in Digital Arts program for January or July 2014.

Michael_res4 Michael E. Scott-Nelson, Academic Program Director
Michael is an acclaimed multimedia performer and composer with academic interests in media theory and human interface. Although Scott-Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist who performs on a variety of acoustic instruments, the computer represents for him the instrument of ultimate potential. It is flexible enough to envelope novel sounds, countless media forms, unique methods of control, and a wide range of conceptions and experiences. He holds a Masters in Computer Music from Peabody Conservatory and a Doctorate in Composition from the University of Kansas.  Performances, compositions, works of multimedia art, computer applications, and more of Michael’s creations can be found on his website.


Goucher's Digital Arts graduate program is the only program of its kind in the nation. Our multidisciplinary program treats music, animation, design, computer programming, web development, entrepreneurship, new media studies, and other related fields as one larger convergent discipline.

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