Sep 16, 2013

Work, School, and Life Balance with Limited Residency


I look forward to the on-campus beginnings of our semesters as it always seems to come at the perfect time when retreat and motivation are needed. Without the face-to-face connection with my classmates and teachers I’d be missing the sense of community that comes by being surrounded by such talent and creativity. And without the ability to continue my studies online, I’d frankly be unable to pursue higher learning at this stage of my life. It’s the perfect fit.

As a full-time creative director, husband and father, I find that the balance of being on campus for a defined amount of time – to connect with my peers and glean from the instructors – and finishing the semester online is the perfect fit. At this stage in my life it is important to steal away to be inspired and challenged, yet remain connected to my career and family.

Each instructor that I have experienced at Goucher is not only an expert in their field, but they love what they do and they are practitioners of their respective crafts.  I have learned to expect that the classes at Goucher will be engaging and informative because the teachers not only have a passion for the content that they are sharing, they are able to pass on that fervor with their ability to demonstrate real-world applications for our knowledge. The relationships built through Goucher’s graduate program also help to facilitate learning, assistance and inspiration beyond the program as well into our lives and careers.

Having studied art as an undergraduate student I have always cultivated a love for the arts, learning and design.  But until I began the Goucher Digital Arts program I had been in a very real creative and artistic holding pattern for years. The flurry of work that has come as a result has benefitted both my professional career as an in-house Creative Director, but also my ability and confidence to pursue freelance work as well.

Within a year of starting this program, I have seen my previously unexplored goals of independent design, music recording and higher education instruction come clearer into view.  My next steps will be to figure out how to combine all of these passions into one giant potpourri of a career move!

raser_kris_sq Kris Raser, MA in Digital Arts 2014
Kris has spent his professional career working with non-profit organizations and educational facilities. His most recent role as the Media Arts Manager of an environmental education facility allowed him to act as the creative director of a team that focused on areas of video production, live stage performance and print and web design. Kris earned his undergraduate degree in Art from Millersville University and is currently enrolled as a graduate student focusing on the digital arts (Masters of Arts in Digital Art – Goucher College).


Goucher's Digital Arts graduate program is the only program of its kind in the nation. Our multidisciplinary program treats music, animation, design, computer programming, web development, entrepreneurship, new media studies, and other related fields as one larger convergent discipline.

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