Mar 12, 2014

Student Blog | Michele Anderson

This month’s student blog piece was written by Michele Anderson for Americans for the Arts.  Michele is a MACS student who is currently working on her Capstone.  She lives in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and is expected to graduate this summer.  Her blog looks at the role of young artists in addressing vital questions in sustaining rural communities.

Young Artists in Small Towns: Contexts of Creativity by Michele Anderson

  • Michele Anderson

    Thanks Susan! I love the speed dating idea, it could be used in a lot of different ways. I’ll have to keep it in mind. We’re big fans of Fractured Atlas, and at Springboard also has our own “incubator” program to offer fiscal sponsorship to individual artists or emerging arts organizations and other support/mentoring. We’ve learned that it’s a really important service to offer – more info here:

  • SusanEleuterio

    Great Post Michele! A few years ago a non profit I ran organized a speed “dating “night for young professionals in our area to connect them to non-profits looking for board members. There was something freeing for everyone in knowing that it was ok to ask questions and ok to offer their services even if they were relatively new to the field.
    Another resource I learned about this week is Fractured Atlas
    They do fiscal sponsorships for artists so they can raise money. Check it out- it may be a good resource for those in areas where there are not a lot of donors or donors with small amounts of money which could be matched.