Feb 12, 2014

GraduateSPeek – Deborah Spears Moorehead (2013)

With this blog, we are launching a series of posts that feature the work of graduates from the MACS program.  In December 2013, Deborah Spears Moorehead (2013) was interviewed for Cultural Survival, a non-governmental organization founded in the 1970s to help Indigenous Peoples in their struggles for human rights, sovereignty, and autonomy.  In this essay, Deborah talks about her art, her beliefs in an “artistic cultural democracy”, and how her studies at Goucher College helped to bring them together by giving her paintings a voice.  For her Capstone, Deborah researched the history of her family’s tribe in order to prepare their application for federal recognition.  She lives and creates art in Rhode Island.

Read Deborah Spears Moorehead’s interview

  • Deborah Spears Moorehead

    Thank you Amy Skillman for posting this article. Another article is forth coming out soon in Goucher Quarterly.