Apr 26, 2013

Tonya Sweet discusses “Culturally Reflective Design”

On April 17, Tonya Sweet—artist, designer, and lecturer in the Department of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand—gave her talk “Culturally Reflective Design: Strategies for the Development of Culture-Specific Products.” She has generously offered to share that presentation with us here.

Guide to images:
0) Title slide
1) Injection-molded plastic chair
2) Conceptual research: collage
3) Conceptual research: collage
4) Conceptual research: collage
5) Material research
6) Material research (digital and analog tools)
7) Material research (weaving)
8) Bench inspired by weaving and rolling of prayer rug
9) Stools inspired by ritual entailing flower petals set into a pattern on the ground
10) Table inspired by ritual of drinking coffee, instilling a sense of community
11) Table inspired by the reading of coffee grounds in an upturned cup
12) Stools inspired by a tea made of flower petals
13) Table inspired by the baking of bread
14) Chair inspired by the audible sound made by a cookie mould
15) Lamp inspired by ritual of consumerism
16) Lamp inspired by protests and global participation
17) Questions
18) Thank you