Apr 7, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Patron Saint, Inc.


Our Mission

Patron Saints, Inc. is a community-based organization developed to serve single-parent families with mentoring, educational, and community programs that will guide them in navigating the challenges prone to single-parent households, thus helping lead families to achieve sustainability.

Our Progress

At its core, Patron Saints, Inc. will support and strengthen communities through programs and mechanisms that foster sustainability in single parents and their children. Education, community service, and mentoring are some of the hallmarks of this endeavor. In conjunction with its founder, Kwaku Danso, Patron Saints, Inc. recently compiled a college guide for high school juniors and seniors and is currently working with community leaders to develop a statewide debate program in Maryland.



Sourced from the Patron Saint, Inc.’s webiste: www.patronsaintpr.com

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Apr 6, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Mayor’s Office Of Baltimore


Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowship

The Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowship is a ten week full-time placement in a Mayoral office or agency. Fellows will be assigned to projects that focus on a myriad of public policy issues and challenges. Mayoral Fellows will complete their projects under the direction of senior level government officials and will be provided with immediate and direct feedback. Mayoral Fellows are placed in agencies based on their background, interests and the needs of the agencies and departments.

Weekly Speaker Series

Mayoral Fellows have weekly brown-bag lunches with cabinet members, corporate executives, and community leaders, in a small and informal setting. The lunches are designed to provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions on the vast and complex issues facing the city, including business development, housing, crime, civic engagement, education, health, and community redevelopment.

Newsletter Production

Each week, Fellows produce a newsletter highlighting that week’s activities, interviews with fellow classmates, and spotlighting agencies. Fellows work in teams to complete this task.

Final Presentations

At the conclusion of the summer, Fellows will make presentations before the Mayor and cabinet officials summarizing their placements and overall summer experience. They will also complete a written final project report documenting their research, solutions and next steps.

The ultimate objective of the fellowship is to encourage talented individuals, with an interest in public service, to seek permanent positions within City government at the conclusion of their academic program. Job placement at the successful completion of the Fellowship is not guaranteed.

Sourced from the City of Baltimore website: www.baltimorecity.gov/OfficeoftheMayor/MayoralOffices.aspx

Apr 6, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Northwestern Mutual


Northwestern Mutual is the nation’s largest direct provider of individual life insurance, serving more than three million clients, and helps people achieve financial security. In the process they put the needs of their clients first with actions that reflect a commitment to doing the right thing.


Founded in 1857, the company has lived through the Civil War, the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, two world wars, and numerous recessions leaving a company with extensive experience. During their long history, they have protected their clients and paid life insurance dividends every year since 1872. They pay more than triple the ordinary life insurance dividends of our nearest competitor.

Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Northwestern Mutual is committed to reflecting and serving the marketplace by attracting and enhancing the engagement of those who bring their unique perspectives, ideas, and beliefs. At Northwestern Mutual, people matter. Their financial representatives offer a personalized approach and customized solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs. With offices located throughout the country, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own financial future and determine the impact you’ll have on clients, families and your community.

Sourced from the Northwestern Mutual website: www.northwesternmutual.com

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College Financial Representative

Apr 6, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: The Walters Art Museum



***Unfortunately due to transportation issues The Walters will be unable to attend the employer info session. However they still have nine opportunities posted on Goucher Recruit that we encourage you to take a look at!

The Walters Art Museum preserves and develops in the public trust a distinguished collection of world art from antiquity to the 20th century. In 1931, the museum’s founding benefactor, Henry Walters, bequeathed the core collection to the City of Baltimore “for the benefit of the public.” Since its opening, the Walters has been a national leader in scholarship, conservation, and education.

The Walters Art Museum brings art and people together for enjoyment, discovery, and learning. We strive to create a place where people of every background can be touched by art. We are committed to exhibitions and programs that will strengthen and sustain our community.

Sourced from The Walter’s Art Museum website: thewalters.org

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Apr 5, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Music for the Young Child

Music for the Young Child

Music for the Young Child is a music program based locally in Baltimore, Maryland. Programs they offer include parent & child classes, ukulele, guitar, piano, ‘instrument sampler’, grandparent classes, and various other summer camp programs. The programs are directly focused in involving children and adolescents of all ages with spacial relations, various musical technique, mathematical thinking, and other various skills that young children can thrive learning at any age.

Sourced from the Music for the Young Child website: www.musicfortheyoungchild.com

Apr 5, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: FBI


Our Mission

As an intelligence-driven and a threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities, the mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners.

Our Priorities

The FBI focuses on threats that challenge the foundations of American society or involve dangers too large or complex for any local or state authority to handle alone. In executing the following priorities, the FBI—as both a national security and law enforcement organization—will produce and use intelligence to protect the nation from threats and to bring to justice those who violate the law.

1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack
2. Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage
3. Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes
4. Combat public corruption at all levels
5. Protect civil rights
6. Combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises
7. Combat major white-collar crime
8. Combat significant violent crime
9. Support federal, state, local and international partners
10. Upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI’s mission

Our People & Leadership

On October 31, 2013, we had a total of 35,344 employees. That included 13,598 special agents and 21,746 support professionals, such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, information technology specialists, and other professionals.

 Sourced from the FBI website: www.fbi.gov


Apr 5, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Maryland League of Conservation Voters


Who We Are and What We Do

Founded in 1979, Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is non-partisan, 501 (c)(4) known as the political voice for the environment.  We have since grown to a full-time, staffed organization that is governed by a volunteer board of directors.


Maryland LCV is best known for our comprehensive yearly scorecard that evaluates the environmental votes of individual state legislators. We also grade the environmental record of the Governor. In addition, we regularly alert the public and the media of key actions of elected officials and closely monitor agencies and executive appointments.


The Maryland LCV also advocates in the halls of the State House in Annapolis, working with our colleagues in the environmental community we push for sound conservation laws such as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2009, Stormwater Management Act of 2007, Clean Cars Act of 2007, Healthy Air Act of 2006, and the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act of 2005 to name but a few. Additionally, we helped ensure that environmental values are reflected in the state’s budget priorities and have saved millions of dollars of funding for land conservation through Program Open Space. We work to educate and mobilize the public to lobby for sound conservation policies and funding.


During elections we make endorsements, run strategic campaigns aimed at electing pro-conservation candidates, mobilize volunteers, educate voters, and elevate environmental issues. In 2010, 88% of Maryland LCV-endorsed candidate won (a total of 121 out of 138 endorsed candidates.) In 2014, we’ll focus on elected a strong conservation minded Governor, gaining 5 additional pro-conservation State Senators, and protecting our pro-conservation majority in the House.

Sourced from the website: www.mdlcv.org

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Apr 4, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Aflac


Aflac Incorporated is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States founded in 1955 and based in Georgia. In the United States, Aflac underwrites a wide range of insurance policies, but is perhaps more known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage, which pays cash benefits when a policyholder has a covered accident or illness. The company states it insures “one of four Japanese households” and is “the largest life insurer in Japan in terms of individual insurance policies in force”.Aflac is also well known for its supplemental medical policies.

Aflac has been the recipient of several awards:

  • Aflac was on Fortunes 100 Best Companies to Work For list for 15 consecutive years.
  • Aflac has appeared on Fortune’s America’s Most Admired Companies list for 12 years.
  • Aflac has been recognized by Ethisphere magazine as a World’s Most Ethical Companies for seven consecutive years.
  • Aflac has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America for two consecutive years.
  • In August/September 2012, Latina Style magazine placed Aflac in the top five of the 50 Best Companies for Latinas to work for in the United States. Aflac has been on this annual list for 13 of its 15 years.
  • In July 2012, Black Enterprise magazine included Aflac in its list of the Top 40 Best Companies for Diversity for the ninth consecutive year.

Sourced from the Aflac website: www.aflac.com

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Apr 4, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: All Pro Placement


Founded in 2001 by a unique team of professionals, Nancy Kelbaugh & Jennifer Quinn, All-Pro Placement Svc, Inc. has been exceeding expectations with their award-winning service. What makes this partnership so unique? Nancy and Jennifer are a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team. But the “wow” factor does not stop there. These two proven professionals have established an outstanding reputation in the business community, going above and beyond their competitors to provide top-notch qualified candidates with unparalleled personal service to both their clients and candidates. The officers of All-Pro are not hidden behind gatekeepers and secretaries; they’re working the front lines to ensure you get the best service possible.

Dedicated Customer Service
All-Pro is a certified small business that operates as effectively and efficiently as many large corporations, but without the overhead and large staff .Everyone on the management team is one hundred percent involved with the day-to-day operations of the business. We pride ourselves on our personalized and expert customer service. Senior management does not hide behind secretary- screened calls; we answer the phones ourselves to ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Staying Competitive

All candidates are given a skills test. The skills assessment program has over one thousand applications including typing, Microsoft applications, customer service, filing, insurance and accounting programs, and many more. Other pre-screening measures include statewide criminal background checks, drug screens,  and face-to-face interviews.

All-Pro remains a competitive force in the business community by using state-of-the-art technology. Our database is easily accessible from Blackberries and other mobile devices, making it easier for all recruiters to have immediate access to our candidates and clients twenty four-seven.

 Sourced from the All Pro Placement website: www.allproplacement.com

Apr 4, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Reading Partners


Reading Partners is a national education nonprofit dedicated to improving students’ reading skills. We work in Title I elementary schools to support students from low-income communities who are reading 6 months to 2.5 years below grade-level.

We recruit and train community volunteers to work one-on-one with students for 45 minutes twice a week, following a structured, research-based curriculum.

Strong reading skills are essential. Students reading below grade level in third grade are four times as likely as their peers to drop out of school before earning their diploma. Dropping out of school and failing to attend college comes with a real price both to the individual and to society. High school dropouts are more likely than those who graduate to be arrested or have a child while still a teenager.

The challenge is significant. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2011, just 34% of our nation’s fourth graders could read proficiently. Once students start to fall behind in reading, they tend to fall faster and further behind their peers with every year.

Reading Partners works. Reading Partners builds a partnership with teachers, parents, and community volunteers to provide students the support they need to succeed. By providing volunteer tutors research-based, structured lesson plans designed to focus on the individual needs of our students, Reading Partners is helping students become strong, confident readers with a passion for learning.

In 2012-13, nearly 9 in 10 Reading Partners students (88%) accelerated their rate of learning in reading.

Sourced from the Reading Partners website: readingpartners.org

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