Apr 10, 2014
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Volunteer Experience: More than Money

Here in the Career Development Office, especially during the summer months, we are often focusing our interests on internships, employment, summer work, furthering your career, and more. But the summer months, especially while in college, can be filled with valuable experiences of all kinds. Volunteering can be rewarding both in the experience that you gain, the skills that you learn, as well as the memories that you make. Giving back to the community in any area that interests you is a great way to spent the hot summer months while you are taking a break from your hectic collegiate lives. Volunteering is also a great way to expose yourself to the organizations, work, people, that you are considering working with in your future career!

So how do you go about getting involved in a productive and meaningful way? Begin by figuring out where you plan on staying for the summer. If you are going home (within the United States or otherwise), look into organizations and non-profits that reside within your town or city. Most non-profits will have websites that will list ways to get involved and different opportunities for volunteers. If you like to plan ahead, call or email the non-profit/organization to ask some follow up questions about what you would be doing, how many hours a week they need volunteers, and the goals and interests of the non-profit/organization itself.

If you plan on using your volunteer experience to travel or go abroad, there are several sites you can check out which will serve as a resource for learning more about going abroad, volunteering, and various programs in a large array of different countries. Some volunteer programs abroad may require fees while others may not. Check out these sites below to learn more!

1. http://www.handsonnetwork.org/

2. https://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/

3. http://www.gooverseas.com/blog/how-volunteer-abroad-free (This site provides resources on low-cost volunteering in low-cost countries)

4. http://www.wwoof.net/ (This website provides information on volunteering on organic farms abroad)

While these organizations all showcase opportunities that require a good amount of commitment (in most cases), remember that with most volunteering, organizations are grateful for any amount of time or help that you are willing to give.

Finally, volunteering and giving back to the community can be so much more than working with a specific organization. Beach clean-ups, park clean-ups, food collection, etc. can all be done on your own or with friends and can be amazing experiences.

At the CDO we hope that you make the most out of your summer vacation and have both memorable, influential, and fun experiences throughout time off from school! If you have any further questions about how volunteering can be beneficial to your career path, please visit our office (located in the Dorsey Center).


Apr 10, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Clean Water Action


Clean Water Action is a one million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Our goals include clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems.

Sourced from: www.cleanwateraction.org

Apr 9, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Seed School of Maryland


The SEED School of Maryland is a statewide, college-preparatory, public boarding school. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) oversees and supports the ongoing implementation, planning, and development of the school and holds it accountable to state and federal standards for teaching and learning.


SEED students and faculty incorporate our core values into everything we do at the school. In sixth grade, students are taught lessons on each value. After sixth grade, students focus on two core values per year for in depth understanding and practice.


“Taking ownership and being accountable for your actions all of the time.”
“Treating others as you want others to treat you.”
“Thinking about how your actions impact others before you act.”
“Putting yourself in another person’s place and understanding how they are feeling.”
“Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.”
“Controlling your behavior and actions and doing what is expected of you without reminders.”
“Commitment, hard work, patience, endurance, and not giving up.”
“The power of making up your own mind about what to think or do.”
Sourced from: http://www.seedschoolmd.org/home
Apr 9, 2014
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Networking as a Simple Conversation

For most people networking can be seen as a daunting task for professionals within an industry. As a way for older individuals to have a cup of coffee or a drink. Under this lens the entire seems very vague and many students don’t understand the various ways to even begin the process of networking.

Fortunately for all, networking is as simple as a conversation. While it can be anything from a professional meeting to a coffee date, as all of us know, conversations can happen anywhere! Whether they are planned or spontaneous, it’s important to remember that you are already networking more than you think – you just need to begin honing your skills!

Places you network without realizing it:

1. Airplanes

2. Coffee Shops

3. Poetry Readings/Concerts

4. While Standing in Line (it’s true, we promise!)

5. While Being Introduced to a Friend

While this list seems to indicate most places you might ever visit, it’s true that you can be networking in all of these locations. Because the act of networking is a simple as a conversation, it truly can occur anywhere. When you are introduced to someone, or happen to strike up a conversation with a stranger, they could be involved in any industry or career networking with a vast array of connections. In the day and age of media and mass travel, the idea of six degrees of separation has never been more apparent.

Imagine this: You’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee with a friend. All of a sudden your friend, Amy, recognizes someone in the coffee shop that she knows from her old job. When you two have your lattes, you follow Amy as she says ‘hello’ to her old co-worker. Amy introduces you to this co-worker, Stacy, and throughout conversing you find out that she knows someone in the fashion industry! You are currently working in retail but are interested in moving into the fashion industry more directly. Stacy gives you her card and tells you to contact her anytime so she can put you in contact with a few of her friends.

Situations like this one arise all of the time. Call it making connections, networking, or mingling – it’s all a more informal and common type of networking. After making these connections don’t hesitate to follow up! Send a quick message, add this new friend on LinkedIn or Facebook, and reach out to thank them for their kindness and express your interest for getting in touch with any connections they may have. It never hurts to simply reach out and try, the worst anyone can say to you is no.

Things to Remember When Networking:

1. Be professional and courteous – You never want to come off as rude or impatient, especially if you are making a new connection. Thank people for their time and willingness to help you in any way they can. It is always polite to go above and beyond and send them a thank you message or card. If appropriate, you can always offer to treat them to a cup of coffee as well!

2. Show interest and knowledge for the field or company you are trying to get more involved in. It is important to make sure that people know why you are interested in networking! If you are trying to network with individuals within a company, explain what you already know! This can include work the company does, recent changes within the company/industry, etc.

3. Don’t be afraid! Ask questions, be professional, but above all simply be yourself. It may sound cliche but it is a job that only you can do yourself. Once you are comfortable, your best qualities will shine and make your networking process that much easier.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding networking or your personal job/internship search process, please come visit the Career Development Office in Dorsey Center or call our office at (410)-337-6191. We look forward to hearing from you!


Apr 9, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: The Classic Catering People


Imagination, craft and inspiration lie at the center of The Classic Catering People’s vision of honoring food traditions while embracing new tastes and techniques. Our spirit is rooted in a commitment to the environment through composting, recycling and continually seeking greener ways to work. Whether it’s our impact on the planet or our interactions with each other, open, honest communication and teamwork are hallmarks of how we operate —creating not just an event, but a bonding experience for individuals, families, businesses and communities. Working together, we welcome challenge and enjoy sharing our success with the community. We’re fundraisers, volunteers, donors and board members as well as caterers.

Sourced from: www.classiccatering.com

Apr 9, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Merritt Athletic Clubs

Merritt Athletic Clubs will strive to be an industry leader dedicated to serving our clients and providing them with the motivation to stay fit, have fun and further their health and fitness education. We also strive to create profitable partnerships with our community and clients, as well as our employees and owners.

Our White Marsh location will be our tenth location. This 55,000 square foot super club will open in spring 2014 and will feature a state-of-the-art outdoor aquatics center with an Olympic style pool, family fun pool and kiddy pool. Other amenities include a dynamic kids club with an interactive play maze and party room, a restaurant/café, saunas, a cardio theater room, three fitness studios which will include a yoga studio, a cycle studio and a group fitness studio for the latest classes. The fitness floor will feature the latest in technology and fitness equipment to give members a fully connected work out experience.

Amenities in all our locations include strength training and cardiovascular equipment, free weights, group exercise classes including Body Pump, Body Step, Body Flow, Body Combat, Body Attack, RPM, Body Jam, and Body Vive, racquetball, squash, handball, basketball, tennis, lap and warm water rec pools, and Kids Zone for our youngest members. Our club services range from towel service to massage and spa facilities, pro shops that feature product lines such as Under Armour and Life is Good as well as protein smoothies, shakes, and bars. We also offer programs geared specifically for children that include dance, martial arts, pre-school and kindergarten learning center, art classes, gymnastics, cheerleading teams, and year-round swim teams. With the recent addition of our Junior Fitness Certification for kids ages 12-15, Merritt Athletic Clubs offers something for every member of the family.

Sourced from: www.merrittclubs.com

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Personal Trainer

Apr 8, 2014
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A Book Review- Majoring in the Rest of your Life

Majoring in the Rest of Your Life


Majoring in the Rest of Your Life, by Carol Carter, discusses the struggles that every new college student faces. Being a freshmen myself, this book helped to guide me through my own experiences. The book breaks down how to make it from freshman year to senior year and know exactly what you want to do. In today’s economy, at least for me, I am constantly struggling to pick a path will guarantee job security but also be something I love. A lot of freshman tend to look too much to the future and don’t look at the here and now. The book teaches you that “college is the opportunity to explore all different things.” You have two years to determine your major and four years to determine the career you want to do. With this in mind, just explore your first three semesters to get a feel for how college academics work and to find a class that sparks your interest that you can pursue more.

Carter expands on the idea that there are three types of students: the drifter, life just happens to them; the dreamer, with crazy plans and goals for the future, always shooting for the stars; and the Doer, who plans, acts and achieves. For most students we are a combination of two or more of these types. If you are the type of student that likes to be involved in everything from math club to dance team, this book guides you on how to balance everything you want to do and still have time to unwind at the end of the day. You need to find the balance between keeping your nose in the books for a whole semester and never touching a book. There are so many new opportunities in college to explore, but making sure you stay in check with all aspects of your life is the key to success.

After determining the route for academics you want to travel, you can begin looking at Internships. You need to find an internship that is in a good location and won’t break the bank. You also need to think about the best time to do this internship. Balancing you time is just as important as balancing what you do with it.

Another struggle that most students (especially here at Goucher College) experience is studying abroad. With most campuses giving you options from 3 week, semester, or yearlong excursions, you can always find one that fits your calendar. The most common challenges are deciding where to travel and how to come up with the money to travel. With college debt piling up, you are just squeezing by for money for gas in your tank or a meal off campus a week.

With so much new in your life it is hard to breathe sometimes, but it is important to remember that everyone is /was in the same boat as you. They all experience the same struggles . There is also nothing wrong with asking for help. The most helpful place on campus getting college and career help is the Career Development Office. They handle resume work, internship searches, graduate school plans, career exploration and everything in between. Just like the tips in this book, they can help you decide a career path that will be everything you hope for in the end.

Apr 8, 2014
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“7 Habits of Successful Job Seekers” – A LinkedIn Infograph

 Click the image below (or this text) to discover 7 habits that successful job seekers possess.

linkedin infograph

The infograph is originally sourced from LinkedIn.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your personal job search process, please come visit the Career Development Office in Dorsey Center or call our office at (410)-337-6191. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apr 8, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks

Established in 1949, the Department of Recreation and Parks is dedicated to providing quality recreational and leisure opportunities to the citizens of Baltimore County. Thousands of recreational programs, including individual and team sports, arts and crafts, social clubs and activities, and special events are provided through a cooperative effort with volunteer Recreation and Parks Councils throughout the County.

Sourced from: www.baltimorecountymd.gov/agencies/recreation/

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Recreation and Parks Activity Coordinator

Apr 8, 2014
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April 10th Employer Info Session: Greater Baltimore Urban League


The Greater Baltimore Urban League – Since 1924, we have been helping disadvantaged Marylanders gain access to equal opportunity in employment, education, health care, housing and the civic arena. We encourage you to join the GBUL and take advantage of the many opportunities available to improve the quality of life for you and your community.

The Greater Baltimore Urban League, Inc. (GBUL) is one of the local affiliates of the National Urban League – a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multi-ethnic, social service organization. Through direct service delivery, advocacy, referrals, community capacity building, information dissemination and technical assistance, the League accomplishes its mission to improve social and economic conditions and opportunities for African-Americans and other people who face barriers to full participation in American society.

The National Urban League, founded in 1910 is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream. The Greater Baltimore Urban League movement was founded in 1924.

The Mission of the Greater Baltimore Urban League movement is to enable African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights.

Our Strategy

Our three-prolonged strategy for pursing the mission is:
• Ensuring that our children are well-educated and equipped for economic self-reliance;
• Helping adults attain economic self-sufficiency through good jobs, home ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation;
• Ensuring our civil rights by eradicating all barriers to equal participation in the economic and social mainstream of America.

Our Methods

The Greater Baltimore Urban League movement carries out its mission through direct services, advocacy, research, policy analysis, community mobilization, collaboration and communications.

Sourced from: www.bul.org

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