Apr 3, 2014
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A Book Review- Your First Interview by Ron Fry

Your First Interview by Ron Fry


Your First Interview is a guide to ease anxiety by helping make your first job interview as successful and positive as possible. This handbook lets a first-time job hunter know what is needed to land a job. It explains how to find information about a company, gives examples of stand-out resumes, explains how to obtain an interview, discusses behavior during the interview and provides tips on following-up the interview.

The book tackles the area many first time interviewees forgot to take into consideration during their job search, researching the companies you’re applying for or interviewing with. It’s great to have a polished resume, but what really enhances your performance during a job interview is knowledge of critical information about the prospective employer. Fry gives readers an excellent list of resources to start their detective work that allows them the assurance that their first career move is the right career move.

Fry also tackles the increasingly important topic of career networking. He informs readers about the importance of building a network of valuable contacts and how networking is more than a means to an end but a web of relationships that will be helpful throughout your career. He provides tips on hot to identify your existing network and enrich it to receive a greater variety of information. Fry also answers any questions the readers might have about the per-interview stages, during the interview itself, and the follow-up needed after completing the interview in terms of networking. Because this book was written in 1996, it does not go into the importance of emailing and social media etiquette that have become major aspects of modern job hunting.

A touchy topic that is uncomfortable for many first time employees is negotiating salary. Fry provides the best way to handle the discussion of salary during job interviews. The interviewee is put into a classic buy-sell situation when prospective employers bring up the subject of salary early on in the interview. Fry discusses how to look at the bigger picture of one’s life and to not sell your skills for less than they are worth. You need a job, yet you have to be realistic about whether or not the negotiated salary will cover the cost of living. Fry emphasizes how important it is to think over an offer, or even decline, it if you do not think it is feasible. At the end of the day, you have to see everything about the employment process as a learning experience to be used to better your future career.

Although this book was published in 1996 and some of the information is slightly outdated, it is still an easy read filled with practical advice for those who are “first-timers” in the working world. This book is mostly direct toward younger people as it extensively describes all of the processes you need to go through when applying for a job including your personal job goals, getting to know the company you will be applying for, how to write follow up letters and most importantly the proper interview etiquette. It is designed to let the readers know exactly what to expect when walking into a job interview. “Your First Interview” will teach recent graduates how to take charge of the interviewing process to make sure they have succeeded in selling themselves to the company and assure the company will hire them.

Ron Fry has gone on to write an updated version of “Your First Interview”, originally written in 1996, which gives a more in depth and contemporary view of the employment market and how to prepare yourself to answer tough interview questions without breaking a sweat. Fry also provides the readers with the best online job sites and a complete survey of global career building spheres. This book is a refresher as well as a miraculous remedy to all the dilemmas one faces before and during the interview, but also the reality of finally receiving an employment position and using it the first step in discovering your entire career.

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