Apr 8, 2014
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A Book Review- Majoring in the Rest of your Life

Majoring in the Rest of Your Life


Majoring in the Rest of Your Life, by Carol Carter, discusses the struggles that every new college student faces. Being a freshmen myself, this book helped to guide me through my own experiences. The book breaks down how to make it from freshman year to senior year and know exactly what you want to do. In today’s economy, at least for me, I am constantly struggling to pick a path will guarantee job security but also be something I love. A lot of freshman tend to look too much to the future and don’t look at the here and now. The book teaches you that “college is the opportunity to explore all different things.” You have two years to determine your major and four years to determine the career you want to do. With this in mind, just explore your first three semesters to get a feel for how college academics work and to find a class that sparks your interest that you can pursue more.

Carter expands on the idea that there are three types of students: the drifter, life just happens to them; the dreamer, with crazy plans and goals for the future, always shooting for the stars; and the Doer, who plans, acts and achieves. For most students we are a combination of two or more of these types. If you are the type of student that likes to be involved in everything from math club to dance team, this book guides you on how to balance everything you want to do and still have time to unwind at the end of the day. You need to find the balance between keeping your nose in the books for a whole semester and never touching a book. There are so many new opportunities in college to explore, but making sure you stay in check with all aspects of your life is the key to success.

After determining the route for academics you want to travel, you can begin looking at Internships. You need to find an internship that is in a good location and won’t break the bank. You also need to think about the best time to do this internship. Balancing you time is just as important as balancing what you do with it.

Another struggle that most students (especially here at Goucher College) experience is studying abroad. With most campuses giving you options from 3 week, semester, or yearlong excursions, you can always find one that fits your calendar. The most common challenges are deciding where to travel and how to come up with the money to travel. With college debt piling up, you are just squeezing by for money for gas in your tank or a meal off campus a week.

With so much new in your life it is hard to breathe sometimes, but it is important to remember that everyone is /was in the same boat as you. They all experience the same struggles . There is also nothing wrong with asking for help. The most helpful place on campus getting college and career help is the Career Development Office. They handle resume work, internship searches, graduate school plans, career exploration and everything in between. Just like the tips in this book, they can help you decide a career path that will be everything you hope for in the end.

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