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Goucher Vagabonds

Goucher Vagabonds

The 2013 Goucher Vagabonds team just wrapped up their two-week trek along the east coast between Northern Virginia and Maine. Along the way they met with incoming first-year students at send-off parties, interviewed alumnae/i about life post-Goucher, and made stops at several alumnae/i regional events. Read posts from this year’s journey right here and check out more photos and video on the Vagabonds facebook page at www.facebook.com/gouchervagabonds.

vag·a·bond noun
[vag-uh-bond] a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad. vagabond. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vagabond.

Gouch·er vag·a·bond noun
A person, always a Goucher student, who wanders from place to place for two weeks each summer to bring the current Goucher experience to members of our school’s off-campus community while collecting stories of the post-grad experience and tales of Goucher’s history.
A Goucher Vagabond is never ‘settled.’ While on the road, he or she is constantly searching, learning, exploring; having an adventure of excitement and inquiry.

At 77, Veteran Fencer Boots Evans ’60 Still Slices Up the Competition

BootsEvans1Boots Evans ’60 took her first fencing lesson as a freshman at Goucher more than 50 years ago. She has now come full circle, so to speak, by returning to Baltimore earlier this month to compete at the USA Fencing Association’s North American Cup, one of three national tournaments for veteran fencers (ages 40+). Sporting her Goucher patch for luck, she prevailed, earning a sixth place medal.

BootsEvans3Boots, who competes nationally and internationally “using the foil,” actually returned to the sport more recently after a hiatus of many decades. Now, she competes simply because she can—she must.”  “I feel fortunate to be healthy and physically fit enough at my age (77) to be able to engage in this level of activity,” she explains, then adds of herself and fellow contenders, “it challenges us mentally and physically as we continue to learn and hopefully improve each time we step on the strip.”

Similar to the experience she had at Goucher, Boots’ love of fencing extends to the outstanding women with whom she competes. “The people we meet are high-achieving, exceptional individuals. We’re good friends… until a director says, “En garde.”

NYC Presidential Reception Slideshow, 12.3.15

Goucher Global Grooves—Alumnae/i Welcome!


WHAT: This new ensemble at Goucher that will play a mix of global rhythms, urban grooves, jazz, and a little funky street music.

WHO: Any students, ALUMNAE/I, or community members who want to play. We are especially eager to see alumnae/i come back to play.

WHEN: Initial rehearsals and performances will be held January 11-15 and January 19-22, 3-5 p.m.

We will initially be playing at a few Goucher basketball games, on January 13 (7 p.m.), January 20 (7 p.m.), and January 23 (2 p.m. and 4 p.m.). We hope to continue playing throughout the semester, and we might even play over the summer.

SKILL LEVEL: We can accommodate most skill levels. Reading music will help, but we will also do some improvisation and jamming.

INSTRUMENTS: Almost all instruments can be accommodated. We need drums, bass, guitar, and piano, plus whatever assortment of melody instruments you want to play. Come learn to play a drum or polish up your trumpet chops.

LEADERSHIP & COMPOSERS: We will need some tunes and charts—mostly lead sheets. We will also need some cheer/pep/pop/jam material in addition to the global stuff I can provide. Ultimately I’d like to have student or alum leadership that is self-sustaining over the long term.

MORE INFO: If you are interested, email José Antonio Bowen jose.bowen@goucher.edu.

Eliezer Cartagena ’18 and Anthony Perdue ’18 Selected as Faculty Members for Upcoming NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Gophers Making Headlines

Eliezer Cartagena ’18 and Anthony Perdue ’18 selected as faculty members for upcoming National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS) Student Diversity Leadership Conference


Dance-a-thon: Dancing through the Decades

sophia kurek3Sophia Louise Kurek, Goucher dance alum from the Class of 2013, loved life and all the adventures it had to offer. After news of her untimely death hit the Goucher community in June of 2014, friends on campus soon began thinking of ways honor her memory, her passion, and talent. So this fall, Goucher’s Dance Department and a group of motivated alums: Kate Clarke ’12, Angelica Daniele ’09 ’12, Victoria Peters ’12, Amanda Pugh ’08 ’14, and Ashley Turenchalk ’10; will put on the first annual Sophia Kurek ’13 Dance-a-Thon on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 4-10 p.m. This event, which will raise money for dance scholarships, is the perfect way to celebrate Sophia and her love of the community that dance creates, all for a good cause.

sophie kurek 13The theme of the Dance-a-thon is “Dancing through the Decades!” Participants are encouraged to don a creative costume from the dance era of their choice. Anyone can register as a team of 5+ ($50) or as an individual ($10). In addition to team prizes, there will be a prize for the best outfit, mini dance classes throughout the afternoon, raffles, food, dance-offs, and a special performance by alums Mckenzie Shanahan ’08, Ellen Bast ’14, Lynn Price ’09, Megan Lynn ’11, and Georgia Speier ’11!

All proceeds will go to the Sophia L. Kurek Memorial Fund, recognizing students who embody strong academic standards, artistic talents, and personal qualities of grace, passion and diligence exemplified by Sophia.

For more information, and to get registered go to http://sophiakurekdanceathon.webs.com.

1st Annual Sophia Kurek ’13 Dance-a-thon
Saturday October 3, 2015 from 4:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Lillian Welsh Gymnasium, Decker Sports and Recreation Center
Goucher College

English Department Chair Juliette Wells is Quoted in the Article “How Jane Austen Became Such a Tourist Trap”

Gophers Making Headlines

English Department Chair Juliette Wells is quoted in the article “How Jane Austen Became Such a Tourist Trap.”

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