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Goucher Vagabonds

Goucher Vagabonds

The 2013 Goucher Vagabonds team just wrapped up their two-week trek along the east coast between Northern Virginia and Maine. Along the way they met with incoming first-year students at send-off parties, interviewed alumnae/i about life post-Goucher, and made stops at several alumnae/i regional events. Read posts from this year’s journey right here and check out more photos and video on the Vagabonds facebook page at www.facebook.com/gouchervagabonds.

vag·a·bond noun
[vag-uh-bond] a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad. vagabond. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vagabond.

Gouch·er vag·a·bond noun
A person, always a Goucher student, who wanders from place to place for two weeks each summer to bring the current Goucher experience to members of our school’s off-campus community while collecting stories of the post-grad experience and tales of Goucher’s history.
A Goucher Vagabond is never ‘settled.’ While on the road, he or she is constantly searching, learning, exploring; having an adventure of excitement and inquiry.

Celebrating Goucher’s First Male Championship Basketball Team

1993-94 Men's Championship Basketball Team

1993-94 Men’s Championship Basketball Team

In 1994, male students and men’s athletics were still a bit of a novelty on campus. The college had only made the historic decision to go co-ed seven years earlier. Men’s basketball, which was introduced in 1990, was a fledgling sport at Goucher.

Nevertheless, the ’93-’94 men’s basketball team, after several difficult years of recruiting and team-building, won the Capital Athletic Conference. It concluded its season with nine consecutive wins, including an 86-78 victory over York College. Goucher finished 17-9 overall and took the regular-season title, proving that men’s athletics at a former women’s college could be not only accepted, but successful and celebrated.

Members of the team included All-Conference selections David Clark Jr. ’95, Predrag Durkovic ’98, and Gerard Garlic ’95. The team was led by Leonard Trevino, who remains Head Coach for today’s men’s basketball team. Durkovic and Clark were inducted into Goucher’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Goucher will honor members of the ’93-’94 team, listed below, at a special ceremony immediately following the men’s basketball match-up against Drew University on February 15, 2014, in the Decker Sports and Recreation Center. A reception for team members and their families will follow the ceremony in the Decker Multi-Purpose Room.

1993-94 Goucher College Men’s Basketball Roster

No. 00 Thurmond Toland ’96 North, SC
No. 03
Jerry White ’94
New Port Richey, FL
No. 10
David Clark Jr. ’95
Baltimore, MD
No. 12
Iterny Joseph ’98
Miami, FL
No. 14
Chad Beeten ’96
Alexandria, VA
No. 15
Robby Friend Jr. ’98
Baltimore, MD
No. 22
Joe Suarez ’96   
Philadelphia, PA
No. 25
Gerard Garlic ’95 
Baltimore, MD
No. 30
Jeff Klein ’95 
Oakland, NJ
No. 35
Marc Cousins ’95
South Paris, ME
No. 40 
Trevor Giampietro ’96
Wilmington, DE
No. 52
Peter Manlove ’95
Wilmington, DE
No. 55
Predrag Durkovic ’98
Lancaster, PA
Head Coach: Leonard Trevino
Assistant Coaches: Gordon Kaplan, Jon Wexler ’94, Darrian “Corey” Garner ’93

Memories of a Tragic Day

jfk-assassination-7Fifty years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Many Americans will never forget where they were or what they were doing on November 22, 1963, the moment they heard the news that the president had been shot. Goucher alumna Sherry Bebitch Jeffe ’64 recalls, “I vividly remember the coming together at the chapel, the women who left campus for D.C. to stand for hours in order to view the President’s casket, and the words of History Professor Bill Neumann, who announced in class, ‘Now we turn from the Kennedys, whom we would like to be, to the Johnsons, who we probably are.’”

The event became a cultural touchstone for a generation and continues to have significance today. What does the 50th anniversary, November 22, mean to you?

Read more alumnae memories in the Quarterly online extra: http://www.goucher.edu/goucher-quarterly/online-extras/memories-of-a-tragic-day.

Tales From Abroad

Each fall, Goucher celebrates International Education Week with a festival of ethnic foods, music and storytelling performances from around the globe, and a series of internationally-themed panel discussions. To mark the occasion, we asked current students to describe how studying abroad has had an impact on their education. Click on the videos to hear Leah Goldgar, Maggie O’Donnell, and Sam Rapine, all members of the Class of 2014, tell their stories.

Interview by Dana Ehrentreu ’16

Interview by Eli Kaufman ’15

Interview by Elizabeth Depta ’15

“International education prepares our youth for the globalized 21st century workforce, whatever the field of study someone may choose. Students with experience overseas gain skills, they gain self-reliance, and they gain a worldview that they need in order to compete in a global economy.”

– John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State

(Remarks on International Education Week 2013: http://eca.state.gov)

Click here to learn more about Goucher’s celebration of International Education Week, including International Forum activities on November 19 and 20.