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Goucher Vagabonds

Goucher Vagabonds

The 2013 Goucher Vagabonds team just wrapped up their two-week trek along the east coast between Northern Virginia and Maine. Along the way they met with incoming first-year students at send-off parties, interviewed alumnae/i about life post-Goucher, and made stops at several alumnae/i regional events. Read posts from this year’s journey right here and check out more photos and video on the Vagabonds facebook page at www.facebook.com/gouchervagabonds.

vag·a·bond noun
[vag-uh-bond] a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad. vagabond. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vagabond.

Gouch·er vag·a·bond noun
A person, always a Goucher student, who wanders from place to place for two weeks each summer to bring the current Goucher experience to members of our school’s off-campus community while collecting stories of the post-grad experience and tales of Goucher’s history.
A Goucher Vagabond is never ‘settled.’ While on the road, he or she is constantly searching, learning, exploring; having an adventure of excitement and inquiry.

Goucher Alumna Promoted to Chief of Chaplains for U.S. Navy

 Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben '82 poses with her father, a fellow naval officer, at the Change of Office Ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard on August 1, 2014.

Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben ′82 poses with her father at the Change of Office Ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard on August 1.

It’s “full speed ahead” for Goucher alumna Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben ′82 who was just promoted to Chief of Chaplains for the U.S. Navy. Formerly the Chief of Chaplains for the U.S. Marine Corps, Kibben is the first female to have held each office. In her new role, she will advise the Commandant of the Marines, the Commandant of the Coast Guard, and the Chief of Naval Operations on all naval religious matters.

After graduating from Goucher with a degree in French, Kibben went on to receive a Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary. She also received a Master’s in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College and was a Senior Fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Kibben’s personal awards include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal with two gold stars, and the Navy Commendation Medal with three gold stars.

Kibben was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Goucher in 2012.

A Very Zeitgeist Cabaret

 noun German. The spirit of the time.

If you are around campus this weekend, consider dropping in Goucher’s Rosenberg Gallery and Merrick Hall for the MAAA Cabaret, the Masters of Arts in Arts Administration program’s performance and visual arts fundraiser. This annual Goucher community event, now in its seventh year, promises to be a night of lively performances, impressive auction items, and a toast to the MAAA class of 2014. Two of this year’s Cabaret program committee members Bridget Woodbury and Jennifer Williams expand on some of the details:

ramona et alWhat is the Cabaret?
Woodbury: It’s an annual fundraising event for Goucher’s MAAA (Master of Arts in Art Administration) program. Every year we invite artists from the Goucher community to participate; they can do whatever they want. We also host a silent auction where we give away art pieces, event tickets, and things like that.

What does the money raised go toward?
Woodbury: The money goes towards the MAAA Scholarship Fund. This is the first year the scholarship funds have been disbursed. People apply for them as part of the full program application process because most of them work for nonprofit organizations and need the support.

Who’s performing at the event?
Williams: We’re excited to have President Bowen perform in two different pieces. He’ll be accompanying, on the piano, third year MAAA student Chandra Roxanne with Kirsten Sieber ’13 in an opera aria from The Marriage of Figaro, and third year students Katie Feder and Deidra Montgomery in Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me A River.” During the silent auction, the Blue Orchid Strings, a Baltimore quartet, will be performing. We also have plenty of MAAA students, alums, and faculty members performing as well.

auctionWhy do artists participate in the Cabaret? Is it to get “discovered”?
Woodbury: For the most part it’s to have fun, to perform with friends they might not see otherwise. Generally we live across the country from each other, and it’s an event that really does bring the different classes together… The other factor is that it’s tradition, it’s something that people know they’ll be able to come back to every year.

Williams: I think we’re most excited to see President Bowen perform!

Cabaret will begin Friday, August 1, at 6:30 p.m. in Rosenberg Gallery and Merrick Lecture Hall in Dorsey Center. For more information, visit the Zeitgeist web page at bit.ly/ZeitgeistCabaret or follow on twitter @gouchermaaa #maaa14.

Cabaret goals:

  • Work together to build community within the MAAA program and Goucher College
  • Raise the profile of the MAAA program in a positive way
  • Raise money for the MAAA Scholarship Fund

– Ke’Aun Charles ’15