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Goucher Vagabonds

Goucher Vagabonds

The 2013 Goucher Vagabonds team just wrapped up their two-week trek along the east coast between Northern Virginia and Maine. Along the way they met with incoming first-year students at send-off parties, interviewed alumnae/i about life post-Goucher, and made stops at several alumnae/i regional events. Read posts from this year’s journey right here and check out more photos and video on the Vagabonds facebook page at www.facebook.com/gouchervagabonds.

vag·a·bond noun
[vag-uh-bond] a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad. vagabond. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vagabond.

Gouch·er vag·a·bond noun
A person, always a Goucher student, who wanders from place to place for two weeks each summer to bring the current Goucher experience to members of our school’s off-campus community while collecting stories of the post-grad experience and tales of Goucher’s history.
A Goucher Vagabond is never ‘settled.’ While on the road, he or she is constantly searching, learning, exploring; having an adventure of excitement and inquiry.

Kimberlee Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83 Wins News & Documentary Emmy

Bob Schieffer, anchor and moderator, with Kimberlee Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83, producer, of CBS’s Face the Nation.

Bob Schieffer, anchor and moderator, with Kimberlee Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83, producer, CBS’s Face the Nation (photo credit: Marc Bryan-Brown).

Congratulations to Kimberlee Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83! She and her colleagues won an Emmy in the category of Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis for Face the Nation – “50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s Assassination.”  The 2013 broadcast attracted 4.57 million viewers and had the highest ratings since 9/11, according to CBS Interactive Inc. Shaffir, a producer/editor at CBS, accepted the honor with her co-workers September 30 at the 35th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York.

Shaffir is, of course, thrilled about the win. “Yes, we celebrated,” she said. “CBS took home a total of 10 awards, the most of any broadcast network and second only to PBS. We had an after-party at Gabriel’s, which was a lot of fun.  Needless to say, there was a lot of champagne flowing!”

A communications major, Shaffir got her start in the news at Baltimore’s WMAR-TV, where she operated a studio camera for local news, public-service programming, and commercials. In 2010, Shaffir won a White House News Photographers’ Association award of excellence, and in 2013, Shaffir and her colleagues at CBS News won the DuPont Award of Excellence for their coverage of the Newtown shooting.

Shaffir lives in Annapolis with her husband and son; her daughter, Kira, is a senior at Goucher.

To read the official press announcement and full list of winners at the 35th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, go to http://emmyonline.org/news_35th_winners.